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Giving At PNC

"Let's Do This!" Debt Elimination and Priority Projects
We our excited to invite you to participate in an initiative we've started to tackle our remaining debt and some important projects that will help our PNC facility be a safe, beautiful, and exciting place to be. Watch this video to learn more!

Give Your Regular Tithes and Offerings Online or on Your Phone with PushPay

To learn more about why we give and what it helps accomplish visit our Philosophy Of Giving page.

Give in Person or by Mail

We gladly receive the contributions of those who give by check and by cash as well. A record is kept wherever there is a name attached to the gift so that we may give each contributor an end-of-the-year statement of charitable giving for personal tax purposes. You may use the offering plate on a Sunday morning or drop it off during office hours.


If you are having any problems or need assistance with online giving, you can send an email to Luanne Morehart at