Group Life

PNC provides real change opportunity through Group Life - a place where anyone can discover Christ and grow into Christ-likeness by learning and interacting within a community of believers. Elements of Group Life are: biblical teaching, fellowship, follow-up throughout the week, and prayer.

For more information, e-mail Pastor Tom Shaw or Tere Babcock

Marriage Builders

I Promise Premarital Classes

We believe in strong healthy marriages. To create a solid foundation, we offer a six week premarital class, I Promise. This biblical look at marriage covers both the spiritual aspect as well as helpful tools to assist in building a forever marriage. This class is a pre-requisite to be married by a PNC pastor. Classes are offered in the spring and fall. 
Click here for more information, upcoming dates, and to register.

Marriage ReSet - A New 8-Week Class, Resuming In The New Year
This is a wonderful way to consider the impact of your marriage from a different angle – how it reflects God. Email for more information and to sign up.

Women's Ministries

Women's INC provides women the opportunity for connection, fellowship, and to discover and grow into Christ-likeness. Click to learn more about our monthly Women's event: The Gathering.
Women’s Group Life Community.  Email Tere Babcock for more information and to get connected. This group will be meeting in-person on Wednesdays, starting June 23

For other inquiries, e-mail Tere Babcock.

Men's Ministries

Momentum is the place where men connect with other guys, find encouragement, and get equipped to be better husbands, fathers, and leaders. Men of all ages come together for monthly events, great food, common interests, sports, really good food, mentoring, competition, seasonal activities, and to have a good time.

For more information, e-mail Pastor Tom Shaw or visit

Compassionate Ministries

There are a wide variety of Compassionate Ministries; this includes serving the homeless of Puyallup to feeding families of children at our local elementary schools.

For more information, e-mail Sheryl Ice.

Healing Prayer Ministry

A ministry to assist people in discovering their identity in Christ, breaking out of bondage to past wounds and to live freely and fearlessly in the truth of Jesus Christ.

To schedule an appointment, e-mail Robin McKay

Young Adults Ministry

We are focused on developing loving and meaningful relationships with God and with one another. As exampled through Christ, we seek to join with the activity of God through fellowship, servanthood, and discipleship.

For more information, e-mail Pastor Jared Trygg.

Senior Adults Ministry

Our focus is to serve and minister to the needs of Senior Adults. We are an active group with a veritable smorgasbord of activities. Our goals are to reach the lost, minister to the less fortunate, and encourage ministry from within.

For more information, e-mail Pastor Tom