Current Series

Go Deep

Discovering An Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

The Book Of James: Faith That Works

Welcome to our series in the book of James. A powerful book that speaks to how we live out our faith and grow together as the body of Christ.

Prayers For The Journey

A two week dive into some prayers to help guide our steps in our journey through this life with God.

No Longer Slaves

How do we now live as those who are no longer slaves to sin and shame, but as sons and daughters of God?

Easter 2021

Welcome to Easter 2021 at PNC! Let's celebrate our risen savior together!

Living The Missio Dei

It's time to recenter the church around its mission.  To move us from the worldly obtrusions of consumerism and personal politics that have captivated the church.  This series will give practical guidance for engagement in the mission of God.

Hope Revived

Advent 2020. A time for us to look towards the hope of Jesus as a source for revival in our live and our communities.

PNC Events

All event videos and extra video content can be found here.


The gospel advances in what is happening NOW.

A Better Normal

In spite of a world changing pandemic, Jesus always offers a better way to live.

Seven Signs of Jesus

Seven Signs of Jesus: A seven week series in the Gospel of John for declaring the relevancy and power of Jesus' life and ministry in our present times. When we run out of our resources, Jesus is present in our ordinary lives, bringing hope, revealing his love and celebrating the life he is giving to us.

Easter 2020

We celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this Easter weekend.