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Board Update Feb 2021

by Daniel Bahr on February 25, 2021

Hello PNC Family!

The PNC Board is excited to begin bringing blog posts to share important information in the life of our church. We will be posting regularly (following the board meetings, usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month) as a way for us to be more transparent and inform you of events, important happenings in ministry, and notifications for the congregation. We encourage you to check back at least monthly. 

First, we want to announce that PNC will be hosting an All Church meeting in the coming weeks. During this meeting, we will be discussing ministry impacts in 2020, goals for ministry in 2021, the church’s current financial health, and some updates regarding COVID. The meeting is Sunday, March 21st at 3:30pm.

As announced earlier, PNC has recently purchased and received chairs which will be replacing pews in the Sanctuary. The removal of the pews and installation of chairs is scheduled during the week of March 1st - 5th. We humbly request assistance in moving the pews and chairs. If you are able-bodied and willing to help, signup at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4fadae29a6fd0-sanctuary. We thank you for your effort and are excited to share this Sanctuary facelift with you!

Due to the incredible generosity of the congregation, we have been able to bless many ministries in 2020. This is not something we could have imagined being possible after the COVID pandemic struck. And yet, because of God’s provision, we have been able to advance the Kingdom work in 2020, especially in Compassionate Ministries. We will continue to expand our local and global outreach in 2021, and we are excited to share success stories from the past year and upcoming plans during the All Church meeting.

If you have been to the church building in the past year, you have probably noticed that the carpet is showing signs of wear and old age. The board is assessing what it would take to replace the carpet, including acquiring bids from contractors. We are able to do this because of your contributions to the “Let’s Do This Initiative,” and your generous giving during 2020.

Again, we hope you will join us at the All Church meeting, where we will discuss all these things and more. Despite the pandemic and a year of uncertainty, God is our provider and He has a plan. We unite as a church body under the head, Jesus Christ, to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to our community. To God be the glory!

PNC Board

Daniel Bahr, Recording Secretary