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Board Update March 2021

by Daniel Bahr on March 25, 2021

Hello PNC family!

We are so excited to see what God is doing in our community in these days! We approach the most important day in history, Easter, and even two thousand years later God continues to bring about radical change in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We hope you will join us for our services and celebrations throughout holy week and invite your friends and family to hear the resurrection story.

Thank you for joining us at the All-Church Meeting on Sunday, March 21st. If you have any follow-up questions, you can continue to use our online form to submit them at https://bit.ly/3rs8Es1 or via the Puyallup Naz app on your phone or other device. If you would like to speak with a board member directly, you can email or . We as a board value your input and want to represent you well.

In case you were not able to attend the All-Church Meeting, here is a summary of what is going on in our church.

We are focusing on two primary maintenance projects with the goal of completing them before this coming winter season. The first project is a carpet replacement in the main church building. Our plan is to purchase carpet tiles, which are easier to install and easier (and cheaper) to replace if damaged or worn. We are collecting bids and will be selecting a carpet design and style soon.

The second maintenance project is repainting the exterior. The main church building needs to be entirely repainted, and there are some areas on the gym that need to be addressed too.

We are able to do these projects because of your generosity toward the church. Your giving of tithes and offerings was beyond what any of us could have expected during a pandemic year. At the beginning of the pandemic, when it became clear that it would last for many months, we as a board decided to apply for a PPP loan of approximately $125,000 to help pay for staff compensation. We had done our research about the loan and knew that if we had followed all the guidelines, the loan would be forgiven. So we applied for and received the funds and dutifully used them to pay for staff compensation and utilities, as required for loan forgiveness. Then, an amazing thing happened – your giving to the church remained steady, and some areas like Compassionate Ministries even saw an increase in giving. We have recently submitted our application for loan forgiveness and are confident it will be accepted in about a month or two.

During the pandemic year, your generosity has allowed us to help those struggling in our community through Compassionate Ministries. We are excited to share that we have started a community garden, which will provide fresh fruits and vegetables local families that need it. Through your generosity, we have been able to provide over 5000 meals for families in need. We also have a large generosity project in mind, and we hope to share more details about it in the coming months. If you would like to volunteer in any area of Compassionate Ministries, contact Sheryl Ice at .

The state is entering phase 3 of the COVID recovery roadmap, which means more restrictions will be lifted or loosened. Children’s ministries will be returning on April 11th. We are taking precautions to make sure children and parents are safe and welcomed. More and more ministries will be opened up in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to check back for regular updates, and be sure to subscribe for our weekly email newsletter, PNC Connect, which you can do at the bottom of the PNC website.

Finally, we want to recognize Mike Boisture and wish him a wonderful and blessed retirement. Mike has been on staff with PNC for 17 years and is also a chaplain for the Puyallup Police Department. He has been an incredible witness for Christ, and we are excited to see what new things God has in store in this next chapter of his life.

God is good! Let us extend the love of Christ to the world around us, just as He first loved us.

PNC Board