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Join Us For 21 Days of Prayer And Fasting

by Dave Rodes on February 04, 2021

Welcome to PNC’s Annual 21-Day Fast 2021.  This is an exciting year of Prayer with Fasting.  Join with us to create space and time for focused attention on your relationship with God.  Why fasting?  How do I go about fasting?  These and other questions will be answered in this brief summary.  The goal of fasting is not the fasting itself.  The goal is God--to be more aligned with God and empowered in our relationship with him.  Let's decide to move fast toward God for spiritual breakthroughs! 

Fasting is an invitation to intentionally draw closer to God and enhance your relationship with him.

  • Fasting is done as a means of moving fast toward God.
  • Biblical Fasting is abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.
  • Fasting’s spiritual purpose is to sharpen our focus on God and our relationship with God. We replace what we fast with more attention to God.

Fasting is done for God’s notice; the motivation is not to be noticed by others. 

  • Comparing ourselves with others who are fasting is totally counterproductive to the goal of fasting.
  • Fasting for spiritual breakthrough, personally and corporately, is a desired fruit of increasing the health of our relationship with God.

The Fast may be

  • A partial fast (abstaining from certain foods).
  • An absolute fast (fasting for a maximum of three days without any food or drink except water) included within a partial fast.
  • A variation of the ‘Daniel Fast’— no meat, no sweet, no breads. http://www.daniel-fast.com/
  • An elimination of certain activities in order to replace those activities with something that focuses us on God. (For example:  Facebook, television, games, movies, radio, etc.)
  • We are each encouraged to decide ahead of time what we will fast.

Helpful insights to remember—

  • If what you fast means much to you it will mean much to God.
  • Fasting is not a matter of earning God’s favor. Fasting is a way of intensifying our relationship with God so that we are more receptive to all that God desires to pour out into our lives.
  • Fasting is naturally coupled with prayer, like the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6.9-15, the Psalms or one’s own thoughtful and spontaneous prayers).
  • Fasting is effective for seeing spiritual breakthroughs, breaking us free from attitudes and behaviors that are chronically defeating our joy and peace.
  • Fasting often results in increased spiritual power for obedience and ministry by slowing down and increasing attentiveness to God.
  • Fasting reveals, brings to the surface, our dependence on food and other things for our happiness. (“Lord, I want you more than all these things!”)
  • Fasting done for the right reasons and in the right way liberates us from the control of our appetites and addictions.
  • Fasting may be done as a way of increasing our commitment to pray for others.
  • Ultimately, fasting is meant for the deepening of our relationship with God in joyful responsiveness.