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PNC Board Update April 2021

by Daniel Bahr on May 01, 2021

Hello PNC family!

He is risen! And those words ring true on Easter, today, and throughout the whole year. Together we celebrate all the He continues to do in our lives, our relationships, and our community.

The board has some great and exciting news to share. We are overjoyed to announce that the PPP loan has been completely forgiven! Praise God! As a reminder, this loan money was used to pay for employee compensation and utilities during the earlier months of the pandemic.

We thank you deeply for your continued faithfulness in giving and tithing. Because of your generosity, we can extend God’s love to our community in some fresh and exciting ways. One of these generosity projects is to assist a nearby church with some building maintenance that needs to be done. Another project is to provide assistance for a Puyallup-based resource center for the homeless. We are in the beginning phases, so expect to hear more news about these projects soon. If you have ideas for how PNC can bless the community, we would love to hear them! Email your ideas to .

The maintenance project to replace the carpet in the main building is ongoing. We have identified some candidates for carpeting but are continuing to look at all the options. We want to make sure we pick a great carpet that will look nice, be easy to maintain, and last for many years. In addition to the carpet replacement, we would like to have the outside of the main building repainted some time before the end of the year.

God is on the move, and we have opportunities all around us to join in the mission!

PNC Board