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PNC Board Update May 2021

by Daniel Bahr on May 26, 2021

Hello PNC Family!

We are excited to announce a special generosity project with Praise Chapel Church. Praise Chapel Church is primarily an African American congregation led by Reverend Ronelle McGraw and his wife Mary McGraw. The Praise Chapel Church building needs its roof repaired, and God has laid it on our hearts to help them. The cost of the roof repair is $81,000. If you would like to help financially, you can mark Praise Chapel Church on your gift. This is a great opportunity to share our blessings with another church, just as the early church did in Acts: "All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had... And God's grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them" (Acts 4:32-34a, NIV).

There is excellent progress towards the installation of a new carpet in the main building. We have selected a carpet tile which will look fantastic in the Sanctuary with the new chairs. We are now collecting bids for the installation. We are also collecting bids for exterior painting.

We can do all this because of God's blessings to us and because of your generosity to the church. We very much appreciate your regular and continued giving to the ministries at PNC. As a reminder, the Pushpay giving option will be changing in a few weeks to a new number, which will be announced during regular services. Pushpay allows easy and quick giving via a bank account or credit card, and you can set up recurring or one-time gifts. Whatever you choose, we thank you for your faithfulness in your giving of tithes and offerings.

We appreciate your giving of financial resources, and we also appreciate the volunteers who give their time to help the various ministries at the church. As we continue to open more and more, we will have greater need for volunteers, particularly in the areas of children’s and youth ministries. If you would like to volunteer, email the church office at or write “Volunteer” on your Connect Card.

Finally, we want to give a quick update on our COVID reopening plan moving forward. We are excited that restrictions are gradually being lifted and acknowledge that things can change very quickly. We will continue following CDC guidance and will require masks for at least the next few weeks, and eagerly await the day we can increase our capacity. Our goal is to make sure everyone feels welcomed and safe -- we are in this together!

May God bless and watch over you as you seek his face. Let his radiance and love spill out into our community! Amen.

PNC Board